Wednesday, February 01, 2006

morning chemistry

I woke up this morning dreaming about the two guys from 'Supernatural' last night (yeah, I skipped the State of the Union ... so sue me). Of course in my dreams they were both tied up, although neither one of them got tied up in last night's episode (which still managed to be pretty good). The show has a good track record, so I have reason to be hopeful. Just imagining it was more than enough to make chopping my morning wood very easy, so that's good.

Leather Jacket was in my morning chemistry class, which is also good, since he's one of my current prospects. We chat every class, before and after, and he's just grade-A perfect: handsome, really muscular, sharp without actually being smart. I'm pretty sure he's straight (if I were close enough to him so I didn't have to refer to him as 'Leather Jacket' maybe I'd know, but hey - give me time), but I could be wrong, and it doesn't mean game over anyway. The key is to start hanging out with him a little, and today's after-class chat really got us closer to that. We stood around talking about the class (I got the impression I shouldn't smoke in front of him, but that could change with hanging out too: lots of jocks smoke once they're a little drunk but poo-poo it when they're sober) and the people in it, and there was good eye-contact, and he laughed at pretty much all of my jokes. I was trying really hard to put across a 'normal' vibe, and I think I succeeded. In other words, we're becoming friends, and hey, I like having friends as much as the next person - I just like to tie up the ones who look like Leather Jacket (and he wasn't even TRYING this morning)!

I ate lunch in the dorm, and there I sat with and talked to Cute Nerd, who's very much another prospect. He's shorter than Leather Jacket (hell, he's shorter than me), and he has longer hair, brown not blond like Leather Jacket, and he has the cutest, lean, compact body. He's got beautiful eyes too, and once you pry him out of his shy-shell, he's pretty observant and funny. I'm almost positive after today's talk that Cute Nerd is gay, which would make the prospect of tying him up pretty easy: if we end up hooking up, I can just ASK him, or at least openly hint at it. Of course, I'm not a total perv: I also very much like the idea of hooking up with him for its own sake! It's been, as of today, 71 days since my geraniums have been watered, and that's not good for the economy.

I got high with Gene after lunch and pretty much wasted the rest of the day, so I've got to study now to recover lost time. Since nobody's reading this but me, I shouldn't give a rip - but I thought I'd offer my lame excuses anyway.

Seacrest out!


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