Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It was bound (ropeboy pun!) to happen

I hung out with my friend Really Gay Eddie yesterday. Really Gay Eddy is pretty much the gayest guy on the planet. He's so gay, he makes me seem like ropesGIRLSboy! So of course I was expecting to find out on his coffee table the latest issue of the gayest magazine on the planet. Of course I'm referring to International Male (although he also had the latest issue of Vanity Fair, which pleased ropeboy VERY much for the picture on page 288, so thanks to those of you who emailed with the heads-up!). Really Gay Eddy is so gay, he has every back-issue of International Male, in publication order, in LEATHER BINDERS. And in the latest one, right there on page 20, is a gorgeous model reclining thoughtfully in a western-pattern shirt that's barely buttoned over his shapely chest - and what is this item called? The DEL MAR WESTERN SHIRT!!! So gay guys everywhere can wear a little piece of the movie that one friend of mine (in fact, I think it might have been Really Gay Eddy) called 'the greatest thing since electricity.'


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