Monday, January 30, 2006

moving in day!

OK, so I'm yielding to MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY (well, so far just my roommate Gene) and starting my own blog, even though they're SO 2005. And I'm starting off with a crappy title, since I'm not exactly a 'boy' - I'm a freshman in college (Emerson, in Bawston), almost a friggin MAN (that's me in the headlock)! But I like the sound of 'ropeboy' - and it's accurate, since I love to tie up other guys. I figure since that's the title of the friggin blog, I might as well be up-front about it right from the start. Pervy, I know, but still - I love it, loved it all through high school.

And boy, college is SO much better! In high school (a LONG way from here), I had to settle for a very small victim-pool. There was Gene, of course (he's the one with the dorky smile on the right), and there was Deepak, and twice, two wonderful, celestial times, there was superjock Mark, once because he was totally cocky, saying he could bust out of any ropes a theater-class dork like me could tie (for the record, which I guess is THIS, he didn't, and boy, it wasn't because he didn't TRY) and once because he was drunk and, I maintain, confused and horny (he had even less success that time, AND he made out with me, which is the basis of my theory - Gene says he was REALLY drunk and would have made out with a Cabbage Patch kid - either way, he claimed he didn't remember anything the next day). But that was IT. Three guys (to the limited extent that Gene even COUNTS) ... practically a starvation diet for a guy with a big, healthy imagination! I padded it out best I could with the Internet (trickier than it sounds in the middle of the Bible belt), but there's no substitute for hands-on experience.

So imagine how I feel now, in college, surrounded by guys! Gorgeous guys, artsy guys, muscular guys, stoopid guys, smart guys - guys everywhere! And in their midst, silently gliding around in the shadows among the kelp (or whatever), there's ME! I've already got four separate prospects on the hook, and one is very, very close to being reeled in! And it's only been a few months since I got here!

Anyway, this is just a first entry - there'll be lots more ropeboy adventures in the coming days! Right now, I'm going to go outside and have a cigarette (Gene's gone all Martha Stewart since we came out here ... he not only stopped smoking himself, he stopped letting me smoke around him ... and it's not like I do it all the time, geez) and then do some actual, you know, schoolwork, since Shirley (that's my mother) IS paying for all this. I'll be back tomorrow with another urgent update!

Seacrest out!


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